3 Ways to Reduce Fuel Waste in the Trucking Business

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In any industry, waste reduction and management is essential to cutting costs and maintaining a healthy budget. For managers of trucks and other commercial vehicles, limiting fuel waste can be the difference between profits and problems. Since fuel expenses account for approximately 30% of a fleet’s operating costs, saving fuel means saving money.

Though it would be nice to never spend company money on fuel, trucks still need fuel to make deliveries. However, you can cut company spending on fuel by encouraging better driving habits and keeping a good vehicle maintenance schedule. Here are just a few ways to reduce company fuel expenses while still getting the job done:

1. Ensure Drivers Obey the Speed Limit

Though many, if not most, highway drivers tend to go a little over the speed limit, ignoring posted speed laws can actually waste fuel. In fact, one study found that going just 5 mph over 65 can decrease fuel economy by 7%. Fuel expenses aside, going the speed limit can also prevent costs incurred from speeding tickets, accidents, and unnecessary mechanical wear.

2. Optimize Routes

Choosing the most direct routes for deliveries or snow plowing can significantly reduce fuel expenditures. Train drivers to adopt good navigation practices so that fuel is not wasted circling back, waiting in traffic, or looking for the correct street.

3. Cut Down Idling Times

Trucks can waste huge amounts of fuel without traveling an inch. Though idling is sometimes necessary, drivers who let the engine run while the truck is resting for too long waste over 3.5 liters of fuel per hour. Idling also leads to maintenance expenses; unnecessary idling costs $2.66 per day for normally-aspirated diesel engines; $2.93 per day for turbocharged diesel; and $3.06 per day for gasoline engines. For large fleets, that pocket change adds up quickly over the course of a year!

To Limit Fuel Costs, Try Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

Not sure how to encourage good fuel use practices among your drivers? Consider installing fleet GPS tracking systems in your vehicles. Vehicle tracking devices can monitor driver speed, plan and record routes, and even limit idling to help your company reduce fuel costs. For more information about innovative fleet GPS Tracking Systems, contact Titan GPS today!