Alberta Transportation Awards Snowplow Operations Contract

Alberta Transportation awards contract for its innovative large-scale snowplow tracking and automated billing system.

Edmonton, Alberta – 2017 – TITAN GPS powered by Certified Tracking Solutions, a leading provider of GPS tracking and fleet management services, announced that they have been awarded the contract to supply and capture real-time Automated Vehicle Location System (AVLS) data to produce billing sheets for the work performed by Alberta Department of Transportation (Alberta Transportation) contracted snowplows. The contract covers software and related services for a five-year period.

Alberta Transportation has out-sourced road maintenance work since 1996 to private highway maintenance contractors (HMC). A critical part of that contracted maintenance work is snowplowing work. Private contractors deploy over 660 snowplows on more than 32,000 km (19,883 mi) of rural provincial highways. Another 45+ snowplow trucks can also be deployed on the two urban ring roads in Edmonton and Calgary. All snowplow trucks are equipped with AVLS hardware.

The Alberta Transportation snowplow project is well regarded across North America for its advanced use of AVLS data to track and bill contracted highway maintenance operations. The system monitors the status of every contracted snowplow including the location, speed, direction, plowing and spreading (sand/salt), and billable operating time.

The system integrates AVLS and telematics data from each snowplow along with provincial highway segment data to generate snow sheets based on the rules of each contract. Snow sheets are verified, and the data provided to the contractors’ and the province’s automated billing systems (ABS).

The primary objectives of the AVLS are to help HMC’s better manage their fleets in an efficient and productive manner and to give Alberta Transporation staff a tool to monitor and effectively audit the HMC’s work. The ABS enhances the accuracy and reliability of the billing process; making the system fully transparent and accountable with hard data. Contractors have used the AVLS data in the past to resolve disputes, claims, and complaints from the public. Real-time tracking data from the snowplow trucks is also made available on 511 Alberta, the province’s traveler information service, making it another valuable source of information for travel decisions in the winter months.

“We’ve earned an excellent reputation for providing AVLS technology to public and private winter maintenance fleet operators across Canada. Experience and local presence combined with our robust cloud-based platform has allowed us to quickly grow our share of HMC snowplow assets to more than 85%.” Ben Jensen, Vice President at Certified Tracking Solutions

Jason Burns, National Fleet Sales Manager at Certified Tracking Solutions added, “We are very excited to continue to build on what is already a very progressive and successful initiative.”

This latest awarded contract highlights Certified Tracking Solutions’ commitment to the Alberta marketplace and for continuous improvement for fleet operators that depend on the efficient deployment of mobile resources.

About Certified Tracking Solutions
Certified Tracking Solutions designs, develops, manufactures and supports end-to-end GPS location and fleet management telematics technology. The company helps customers of all sizes in government, service, transportation, transit, dealerships and OEM markets across North America to improve the efficiency, productivity, safety, compliance and serviceability of fleet assets.

For more information regarding this News Release, please contact: Ben Jensen, Vice President – 780-391-3800


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