Very Proud to Welcome This New Client – BANFF!

We are excited to announce that Titan GPS has been awarded a major contract with the Town of Banff!

Set in the confluence of three river valleys the Town of Banff is beautifully situated in some of the most biologically diverse lands in Banff National Park. The townsite sits at the foot of Cascade, Tunnel, Rundle and Sulphur Mountains, alongside the Bow River and serves as a base camp to the surrounding 6,500 square kilometers of Banff National Park, part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Town of Banff invited firms to tender quotations for the purchase of a telematics system for its fleet of vehicles and equipment in 2018. The GPS tracking and fleet management system was to consist of a software platform and hardware required to monitor and track the Town of Banff fleet. Fleet assets included passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, dump trucks, vacuum, plow/sander trucks, and various heavy duty off road equipment.


Aside from the requirements of pricing, ease of use, and extensive feature sets, the Town of Banff placed significant value on the ability of the winning bidder’s solution to assist in reducing fuel consumption and green house gas (GHG) emissions in their fleet operation. Because the Town of Banff is located within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the community strives to reflect the values that make it such a special place by maintaining and enhancing the townsite as set out by the Banff National Park Management Plan and Banff Incorporation Agreement. These values are what drive the town’s Green Fleet policies. The Town of Banff endeavours to constantly lower the fuel consumption of the municipal fleet on a per kilometer or per hour basis. The Town of Banff gives preference to the most energy efficient vehicles in the delivery of municipal programs and services that both meet the intended use of the vehicle and are cost competitive over the useful life of the unit.

Reduction targets for the Town of Banff fleet between 2012 and 2017 were exceeded by reducing fuel consumption per kilometer by more than 23%, a whopping 65% in their heavy-duty trucks alone. New targets for fuel reductions have been set as well as specific targets for reducing GHG emissions.

“To reach our Green Fleet targets we needed to adopt new technology to help us better track and monitor our activities and to help us manage progress toward these important goals. We’re excited to have the team at Titan GPS working with us on this.”
Chris McGregor – Fleet Operations Manager, the Town of Banff


Titan GPS offers its customers features and tools to reduce fuel consumption and resulting GHG emissions. A powerful tracking platform with advanced features, reporting and analytics helps Titan GPS customers monitor fuel wasting driving behaviors such as idling, speeding, harsh braking and excessive acceleration as well as providing improved measures of route planning, maintenance scheduling and engine diagnostics to ensure vehicles and equipment are running in peak form. Titan GPS also committed to consult with the Town of Banff to develop further customized reporting to help measure progress toward fuel and GHG emission targets that quantify the environmental and economic (fuel savings) benefit.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected and excited to be playing an important role in a leading edge program like the Green Fleet initiative undertaken by the Town of Banff.”
Bent Jensen – CEO, Certified Tracking Solutions Inc.


Proud of its privileged location inside a national park, the Town of Banff factors environmental sustainability into every activity and decision. For example, among other programs, the Town provides a comprehensive recycling program for residents and businesses, requires leed standard in all new municipal buildings, encourages water conservation through metering, produces effluent that betters the most stringent standards, collects organics and turns them into a registered soil supplement, and encourages solar energy installations and other environmentally positive household decisions through the provision of grants. A broad range of environmental initiatives implemented over the past decade is now well established, and the Town is ready to take a new plan to the next level in environmental sustainability. Titan GPS and the entire Certified Tracking Solutions team is very proud to be part of the next chapter and beyond!

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