Competitive Advantage

To gain a competitive advantage you must know your business better than anyone. The strengths and weaknesses of your internal environment are what help define the opportunities and threats that exist in the external. That level of knowledge depends on your ability to collect actionable business intelligence.

There’s a great deal of data in today’s businesses. Ensuring you receive information that is actionable is where the payoff lies. For today’s fleet owner, there’s no better information payoff than with GPS fleet tracking. Location and vehicle status holds a wealth of actionable intelligence. Robust reporting and analytic’s in today’s modern end to end GPS fleet tracking systems amps it up.

Understanding your fleet business produces enormous opportunities to boost business intelligence and create competitive advantages.

Shorter Service Windows

The days of consumers accepting estimated times of arrival that sound like; “We can have a service representative out to you between the hours of 8am and 3pm.”, are long gone. Chances are if you hear that response you’re shopping for an alternate supplier. And, chances are the supplier capable of answering a service request like; “We have a service representative currently in your area and is finishing up a job. His name is John and can be at your address in 30 to 40 minutes with traffic.” is most likely using a GPS tracking system.

Proof of Service

Any business that provides a service has experienced times when their customers have challenged them on actually having provided the agreed upon service. Without a way to match location data with a service event, whether that was the time the vehicle arrived or the length of time it was on location, there are few ways to defend the customer’s challenge. With GPS fleet tracking you can rest assured. You’ll know you billed for the right amount and your customer will appreciate the accuracy and transparency.

Better Drivers

Monitoring the way your drivers drive provides businesses the opportunity to coach and reward drivers for following speed and aggressive driving policies. Over a short period of time drivers put less hard miles on vehicles, waste less fuel, and improve traffic safety for themselves and others. Add this up and your business is trimming thousands of dollars in operating costs. Fuel saved, trimmed service budgets, and improved fleet safety.

Fitter Vehicles

GPS tracking systems provide fleet operators an automated vehicle service and maintenance monitoring and alert system. Setting vehicle service and maintenance intervals based on odometer value, engine hours, calendar date, recording past and/or upcoming vehicle requirements, and even alerts to diagnostic trouble codes detected allow fleet operators to improve the overall fitness of the fleet. Fitter more reliable vehicles allow the business to improve productivity with higher levels of service execution and less downtime.

RESULT: A Competitive Advantage

A business that stands in one place is sure to be run over by the competition. A modern GPS tracking system is a powerful tool that boosts business intelligence and gain a competitive advantage through improved service delivery, a safer, leaner, greener vehicle fleet that allows operators to cut costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service that beats the competition.

Titan GPS welcomes the opportunity to help you amplify your business IQ and get a leg up on the competition!

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Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


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Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


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