Understanding Vehicle Tracking: 5 Frequently Asked Questions About GPS Tracking

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based radio navigation system that operates across the globe and provides geolocation and time information to GPS receivers. There are currently 31 GPS satellites in orbit and GPS officially launched in 1978, 41 years ago.

It was announced in 1996 that the practice of degrading civil GPS signals was to be phased out within a decade. The federal government also reaffirmed its commitment to providing GPS services for peaceful civil, commercial, and scientific use on a worldwide basis and free of charge.

This guide will help you understand the technology behind GPS and why it’s so important for the commercial vehicle sector. Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining to automotive GPS tracking:

  • What is an GPS tracking system? — GPS tracking systems are a combination of hardware and software, which enables the user to know the activity and the movement of a commercial vehicle or piece of equipment at any point in time, from anywhere in the world, and by any authorized tracking user.
  • What data is transmitted by GPS? — Each GPS record consists of the following data: time, location, date, speed, and the direction the automobile is traveling.
  • What can I use this tech for? — You can track individual vehicles and entire fleets, as well. The primary benefits involve being able to instantly track your entire fleet through GPS technology and mapping tools. Since live tracking is available, you’ll be able to instantly verify specific products, hauls, and trucks; as well as significantly improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Will installing a GPS tracking system jeopardize any other electric device inside an automobile? — No, installation of a GPS tracking device will not affect any other kind of electronic installed inside your car or truck.

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Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


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Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


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