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Benefit from the integration that pairs telematics with cutting edge (CMMS) Computerized Maintenance Management Systems.

Edmonton, Alberta – 2018 – Titan GPS powered by Certified Tracking Solutions, North America’s leading telematics, GPS tracking, and fleet management company is proud to announce a brand new integration partner in UpKeep. UpKeep is a mobile-first work order software for maintenance teams to collaborate seamlessly, designed to make life easier for facilities and asset management departments and to empower maintenance teams to make better decisions from data-driven insights. Our partnership with UpKeep exemplifies alignment between two highly successful technology leaders. Customers who utilize UpKeep and Titan GPS together will be able to gain real-time and historical fleet intelligence and have a robust tool to assign and manage work orders, a perfect pairing, especially for those whos fleets span across wide geographic regions.

“Our new partnership with UpKeep reflects our ongoing commitment to helping fleet operators more effectively manage their businesses. The agreement helps accelerate growth opportunities and deliver best-in-class expereinces for our customers. UpKeep is a powerful mobile-first work order software and when combined with Titan GPS, an invaluable tool.”   Bent Jensen – Vice President at Certified Tracking Solutions

Ryan Chan – CEO, Upkeep, had this to say: “We continue on our mission to drastically improve the workflow, and therefore productivity, of maintenance teams across the globe. Our new integration partnership with Titan GPS exemplifies this pursuit.”

The recent integration between Titan GPS and UpKeep arose from the relationship between Titan GPS and Certarus, one of North America’s most significant natural gas fuel providers with a fleet of over 500 units. While Certarus’ fleet operations had been benefiting immensely from the fleet tracking support provided by Titan GPS, they were needed an integrated AVLS solution and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that gave them the ability to locate and match equipment with work orders. Thus the integration between Titan GPS and UpKeep was born. After developing a unified solution, Kyle Dunbar the Fleet Maintenance Manager at Certarus quickly discovered significant tangible business results.

“The Integration works terrifically. Across the company we’re saving 50-60 hours a week, repairs are happening faster, and inspections are not being missed” – Kyle Dunbar – Fleet Maintenance Manager, Certarus

What started off as a customized solution for Certarus is something all fleet businesses can benefit from. If like Certarus, you run a complex fleet across a large area with both staff and equipment moving back and forth from one hub to the next, you need to be able to identify what needs to be repaired and where that repair needs to take place. Custom solutions and integrated software from Titan GPS and UpKeep can help you do just that, gain efficiencies and boost your bottom-line in the process.

Titan GPS powered by Certified Tracking Solutions Inc.
Certified Tracking Solutions was established in 2004 to design, develop, manufacture and support end-to-end GPS location and fleet management telematics technology. The company helps customers of all sizes in government, service, transportation, transit, dealerships and OEM markets across North America to improve the efficiency, productivity, safety, compliance and serviceability of fleet assets.

The Titan GPS brand is trusted by thousands of fleet operators across Canada and the United States. Titan GPS is deployed with some of the biggest names in North America and some of the smallest too! Titan GPS offers a full range of GPS telematics products and support to deploy and maintain any size fleet successfully.

Upkeep is perfect for facility, property, restaurant, and manufacturing managers who are looking to improve communication and efficiency. Get real-time status updates for team members, customize CMMS, or expedite task management and workflow processes. With UpKeep, you can snap a picture of a broken piece of equipment, create a work order, and schedule it for repair, all from a mobile device.

For more information please contact:

Bent Jensen, President – Certified Tracking Solutions: 1-855-287-4477

Ryan Chan, CEO – UpKeep Maintenance Management.: 1-323-880-0280

For more information on UpKeep, and their maintenance management solutions, visit onUpKeep.com


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