Canada Officially Announces its ELD Mandate

Canadian ELD Mandate Announcement

Canada is making electronic logging devices mandatory for federally regulated commercial truck and bus drivers in an effort to combat driver fatigue and improve road safety.

The Canadian federal government has unveiled its long-anticipated electronic logging device mandate to replace paper logbooks. Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) track when and how long drivers have been behind the wheel. They are tamper-resistant and integrated into commercial vehicle engines, and are designed to ensure drivers stick to their daily driving limit and log their hours accurately.

The announcement made June 13th, 2019 will require commercial motor vehicle operators and bus drivers to use Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) effective June 12th, 2021, replacing paper-based daily logbooks to ensure drivers comply with federal regulations.

According to a press release from Transport Canada, the country’s federal transportation agency, ELD’s are intended to improve safety by reducing driver fatigue. The agency estimates that the requirement will reduce the risk of fatigue-related collisions by 10%.

Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport

“The new mandatory logging devices in commercial vehicles will improve safety for drivers and for all Canadians. We know that fatigue increases the risks of accidents and that is why we are taking action across all modes of transportation.” Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport

ELD’s reduce the administrative burdens of maintaining and verifying paper logbooks. Additionally, they are aligned with U.S. road safety regulations, which help foster trade, economic growth, and border movement. Drivers based in the United States and Canada can use the same ELD in both countries.

ELD use is already common in the Canadian trucking industry because of the extensive cross-border business with the U.S. Transport Canada estimates that about 67,000 trucks engaging in domestic routes will need to make the switch from paper logs. The hours-of-service rules themselves will not be changed; they’ll simply have to be recorded using an ELD. The final rule also accelerates the implementation timeframe, from the initially proposed four years to two. But unlike in the U.S., existing automatic on-board recording devices (AOBRD) will not be grandfathered.

On the two-year implementation period, Transport Minister Marc Garneau said at the event: “The two-year implementation period may seem quick for some truck owners, but I want to reassure you that this period will allow them enough time to set up and install the devices.”

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