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Certarus UpKeep Titan GPS Integration Case Study


Certarus focuses on providing the lowest cost, transportable natural gas fuel. Through eight different regions in North America, Certarus has an expanding network of strategically located Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations. This enormous operation requires a fleet size of over 500 to create a “Virtual Natural Gas Pipeline” through the compression, transportation, and integration of CNG to power energy services across key sectors.

TitanGPS has been a key partner since Certarus began operations, allowing for reliable real-time location tracking, which has been essential for providing clients with ETAs, tracking mileage and route times, and ensuring employee safety as well as the security of equipment — equipment that requires substantial investments and can’t be easily or quickly replaced.


Through TitanGPS, Certarus had visibility on the location of their massive fleet operation, but until recently, they didn’t have a reliable system to quickly address repairs or run preventive inspections on all its equipment. Not only were they in need of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), matching work to where equipment was located was a real challenge.

As Kyle Dunbar, Fleet Maintenance Manager of Certarus, describes “I was having to go into TitanGPS to identify the location of the equipment and manually reconcile where a repair needed to take place. By the time I was done with this exercise, there were at least six or more pieces of equipment that had already changed locations.

This was not only impacting headquarters and clients, but it was also impacting technicians out in the field. “There was a lot of wasted time and unnecessary back and forth trying to figure out where things were,” Mr. Dunbar explains. “The work order list a technician had wasn’t 100% accurate. On top of that, necessary inspections were getting missed and costs were adding up as mechanics were called on repeatedly or called to the wrong locations in the absence of real-time information.

The mandate for Mr. Dunbar, who just joined Certarus in November 2017, was clear. Not only did a reliable CMMS need to be put in place (and one that could be installed and adopted quickly), but the system needed to connect the dots with the location tracking TitanGPS had successfully established.

SOLUTION: Upkeep and Titan Integration

Mr. Dunbar and his team looked at over a dozen CMMS providers and factoring in aspects such as cost, ease of use, and reputation, narrowed it down to two, UpKeep and one other. The organization then did a trial run of the two solutions with just their phones–the way the system would be used by its workforce. “With UpKeep, by the time we had submitted a request, generated a work order, and closed it out, we were still trying to figure out how to set up the request with the other system.

Not only was ease of use a determining factor in choosing UpKeep, their ability to integrate with TitanGPS — and the enthusiasm both providers expressed in a creating a unified solution — made the choice clear. “The amount of improvements, integrations, and customizations UpKeep and TitanGPS delivered for us has been phenomenal,” Mr. Dunar exclaims.


This unified solution has generated tangible business results for Certarus. “The integration works terrifically,” Mr. Dunbar explains. “Across the company, we’re saving 50 – 60 hours a week, repairs are happening faster, and inspections are not being missed.

The integration has also made it much easier to secure Satisfactory ratings when audits occur with the Department of Transportation (DOT). “Our audits have been night and day since the integration,” said Mr. Dunbar. “Having a central source of truth that documents the history and location of how equipment has been maintained has been hugely beneficial.

Workers have also taken to the integration. “With the amount of equipment we have, there is no shortage of work orders,” according to Mr. Dunbar. “Prior to the integration, the workload for a manager could be overwhelming because it wasn’t relevant or up-to-date with the region they were responsible for. Now managers can easily sort and filter work orders by location and quickly assign the work to technicians in the area.

Technicians and mechanics have also taken to the integration and like the fact that work orders can be accessed from a mobile app. “Many have asked for higher levels of access to our account on the app,” according to Mr. Dunbar. “It’s great because it gives workers the ability to proactively address repairs even before a manager assigns it to them.


Certarus runs a complex fleet across a large area with both staff and equipment moving back and forth from one hub to the next. With so many moving pieces and expensive equipment en route, being able to identify what needs to be repaired and where that repair needs to take place is critical to maintaining a best-in-class operation.
What started off as a customized solution for Certarus is something all fleet businesses can benefit from. “Other fleet businesses are missing out,” Mr. Dunbar stated. “The absolute ease of use between UpKeep and TitanGPS allows us live tracking of locations and the ability to fulfill necessary work across multiple hubs in real-time. It’s made a huge difference in our preventive maintenance operation.


Across the company, we’re saving 50 – 60 hours a week, repairs are happening faster, and inspections are not being missed. Our audits have been night and day since the integration. Having a central source of truth that documents the history and location of how equipment has been maintained has been hugely beneficial.

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