MacCosham GPS Tracking Case Study


MacCosham has been providing Rail Yard Terminal Services for over 50 years and is experienced in the management of a variety of Yard Configurations. Operating a modern tractor fleet headquartered in Alberta MacCosham provides rail intermodal terminal services, including lift-on/lift-off of containers and hostler services.


MacCosham works cooperatively with Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) for intermodal terminal services in Edmonton receiving and delivering containers over a 300 km radius. The CP billing system is by the minute and to track these tight margins CP uses a proprietary phone tracking application. It was common for time and location discrepancies to occur between CP and MacCosham. With safety concerns and distracted driving laws, it was no longer an option to verify time and location with drivers on the go with cell phones.


Certified Tracking Solutions was referred to MacCosham and the teams met to discuss the company’s needs. The decision was made to outfit 14 newly leased tractor trucks with Titan GPS tracking units. Professional installation of the GPS units was completed by CTS and initial and follow-up training provided by their assigned account representative.


The Titan GPS system immediately began to pay off for MacCosham. When a discrepancy occurred there was an immediate response for CP that proved out time and location. The tone of the conversation completely changed. Before Titan GPS, the CP team would call on MacCosham and demand time and location verification. Today CP calls simply to confirm the results or fill in the blanks when their system has faltered. The Titan system has saved MacCosham significant time and now every chargeable minute is accounted for.

As MacCosham has become more comfortable with the intuitive mapping dashboard they have discovered even more ways to leverage the system. Efficiencies have been found in directing newer drivers using breadcrumb routes to locations previously travelled by more experienced drivers. In one of Alberta’s periodic winter storms, a MacCosham driver was cut off and forced into the ditch in a remote area with a 70,000 lb load behind him. The driver was fortunate not to be injured and the dispatch team at MacCosham was able to precisely direct a tow truck to the location and quickly recover the driver and truck.


We used to get calls occasionally from people to tell us that one of our trucks sped by them on the highway or something. Now I’m able to confirm if it was our truck and how fast it was going. Just knowing that we have that information at our fingertips usually calms them down and gives us the opportunity to address it with our drivers should the complaint be legitimate. It works perfectly for what we do. There’s not much more to say about it than that. The amount of time and money we save using Titan GPS in our billing with CP, it’s a no-brainer.

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