Skid Steers Stolen Pentamax Case Study


Pentamax Equipment Corp is a division of Delnor Construction. Delnor provides expert commercial construction services across Alberta executing more than $200 Million and over 300+ projects annually. Delnor is the sole customer of Pentamax and supplies all equipment (large equipment to small tools) to these all Delnor job sites.


The amount of theft from job sites supplied by Pentamax Equipment was becoming a major issue. Thieves were getting more daring, such as simply cutting holes in the side of sea containers that store tools and equipment. The bigger equipment that Pentamax rents is expensive and difficult to replace quickly. Apart from the significant replacement costs of the equipment and considerable insurance factors, the principal concern was the resulting downtime for their client. For example, if a light tower needed to stretch longer work hours or a generator used to power a concrete cure was stolen the resulting downtime costs waiting for replacement equipment become a sizeable challenge.


The Operations Manager at Pentamax had previously worked with another equipment rental company and had experience with GPS tracking and Titan GPS which had saved them a number of times. Pentamax made the decision to start tracking their larger more expensive equipment with Titan GPS.


The Superintendent on a Delnor Construction job arrived at their gated site at 6:30 am to discover two skid steers that were no longer there. The Site Superintendent immediately phoned Pentamax Equipment. The Shop Foreman quickly located the equipment assets on the Titan GPS mapping dashboard. They were on the move, and they contacted the police. The thieves stopped, and the Shop Foreman guided the police right to that location. When the police arrived the skid steers were there, but the thieves had left. The thieves had taken the skid steers to a car wash and
had washed the units first before taking off.

This was a very exciting moment for Pentamax using Titan GPS and not the least of what they are using the system for. They like many of the reporting features that come with their solution. They also track engine hours to assist in their service and maintenance of their equipment.

Delnor has many jobs on the go at any one time and just tracking the location of their rental assets is a huge timesaver. The Titan GPS team helped Pentamax set up the system and trained them to landmark all of their job sites and set up alerts.



I guided the police right to where our stolen skid steers had stopped. The site supervisor was able to recover them later that day and we were able to keep any downtime to a minimum. We even saved ourselves about $100 because the thieves took the time to wash them.

Ron Fraser –


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