International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Reporting

Titan GPS makes IFTA reporting easy!

Our purpose-built solution automates International Fuel Tax Agreement reporting, ensuring commercial vehicle carrier IFTA compliance.


What is IFTA?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement between all 10 Canadian provinces and the lower 48 U.S. states. The agreement is designed to ease the burden of calculating fuel taxes for commercial motor carriers operating in more than one province or state.

When purchasing fuel, tax credits are applied to the account of the license owner, in practice, this should happen during every fuel stop and in every state/province. Every fiscal quarter, drivers and administrators must coordinate the submission of fuel tax information. After which, the taxes are distributed equitably to each jurisdiction.

What You Need for IFTA Compliance

  • Total mileage traveled for each jurisdiction
  • Total amount of fuel consumed per jurisdiction
  • Tax paid on all purchases
  • The current fuel tax rate per jurisdiction

The penalties for not filing this information quarterly can result in significant fines for commercial vehicle carriers and an increased chance for future audits.



Built for Drivers and Administrators

Titan GPS’ custom fleet tracking and management solutions support paper-free and automated IFTA reporting. Any fleet administrator or driver that crosses state or provincial borders is likely already familiar with IFTA – and the hassles of paperwork that can go with it.

Vehicle-connected solutions from Titan GPS streamline IFTA reporting by automatically calculating the distance your commercial vehicles travel in each jurisdiction, ensuring accurate records based on GPS data, reducing risk of error or incorrect paperwork.

Drivers can also electronically add fuel receipts, and bulk fuel purchases can be tracked via the cloud-based web portal.

  • Automatically calculate distance traveled by jurisdiction for each vehicle
  • Eliminate manual mileage entry at provincial/state crossings
  • Track fuel purchases by jurisdiction
  • Ensure accurate quarterly reports
  • Save time and ease administrative burden
  • Reduce audit risk by removing inconsistencies



Titan GPS’ Distance by Province and State report is a powerful tool when recording data for IFTA.

Users can see complete fleet summaries, toggle details and visuals, and sort and search by asset.

    • Date filters help find and view the total distance traveled by region.
    • Expandable for visual representation by asset.
    • Metric and Imperial units allow for easy analysis and data conversion.
    • Export, print, or email report to use data outside of the Titan GPS dashboard.