ELDs in Canada, What You Need To Know


The reality of ELDs

The United States is currently dealing with ELD adoption ever since ELDs became mandatory on Dec 18th, 2017 and Canada will soon follow. 


The ELD mandate is coming to Canada in Q4 of 2019. Many Canadian carriers are already having to outfit their fleets with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) if they ship goods between the United States and Canada. Since the U.S. is our closest neighbor geographically and economically, ensuring our regulations are on par with theirs, reduces friction and allows for a free flow of goods and services between our borders. That being said, ELD adoption isn’t all positive. There’s a balance to ELDs, and below we will list the costs and potential benefits. Beginning with a study conducted in 2016 by Transport Canada, they concluded that there are significant efficiency and safety benefits to the widespread adoption of ELDs.

Efficiency benefits:

  • It is estimated that drivers spend between 4.5 minutes to 23 minutes per day filling out paper logs. This will result in 18-92 hours of time saved per year, per driver.
  • It is estimated that drivers will save 100 minutes per year simply by not having to forward daily logs to carriers.
  • Carriers spend roughly 3.5 minutes to file each paper logbook they receive. With ELDs this administrative duty will be eliminated.
  • Transport Canada predicts that on the low end, the net benefit of an ELD mandate will be $127.5 million and on the high end, $288 million.

Safety Benefits:

  • World-leading experts in transportation attribute 15% to 20% of crashes to fatigue. That’s 902 collisions a year (involving a semi-truck).
  • According to the FMCSA, the likelihood of a crash doubles from ~4.5% to ~9.5% between 8 hours of driving without a break and 12 hours of driving without a break.
  • Even a 10% effectiveness rate would reduce the number of collisions involving a semi truck by 90.

The same survey that provided the above projections and analysis concluded that carriers who currently do not monitor HOS would not do so unless required by regulation. Thus the implementation of ELDs will simultaneously make HOS easier to manage and regulate the consistent monitoring of HOS by carriers.

ELD Costs and Enforcement:

  • The average lifespan of ELDs is predicted to be 10 years 
  • Entry to mid-level ELDs can range from $300 – $900 respectively 
  • The estimated monthly fee is $30/month 

ELD implementation will be enforced by provincial and territorial inspectors regarding compliance with the regulations. The data must be able to transmit logs to inspectors via a digital display screen, printout or any other intelligible output. Additionally, carriers must ensure each Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) is equipped with: user manuals for the device and instructions that outline the steps needed for drivers to transfer RODS data to inspectors, as well as what to do in case of a malfunction.


ELDs are coming to Canada, this much is certain. Choosing the correct solution can be overwhelming especially if you are completely new to the concept of Electronic Logging Devices. Titan GPS has a wide variety of ELD solutions available ranging from entry to mid-range pricing depending on the needs of your fleet. We are dedicated to bringing the best fitting solution to every fleet, no matter the size. Our Fleet Specialists will educate, inform and equip you with the knowledge to stay ahead of Transport Canada and ensure 100% compliance while outfitting you with an ELD solution that fits within your budget.