GPS Tracking, ELDs and The Oil Industry

The Oil and Gas industry is a driving force of the world economy. It has unique needs pertaining to transportation. Luckily Titan GPS has a suite of features that are tailor-made for those who work in Oil and Gas.

We’ve previously written about the economic link between the United States and Canada. But just as a quick refresher consider this, the two countries have the longest undefended border on the planet, running 8,891 kilometers. While our total trade value hovers around ~$750 billion a year, the oil and gas industry is one of the largest contributors to the GDP’s of both countries. The total GPD impact from investment and operations of oil sands, crude oil, and natural gas is predicted to total ~$2.7 Trillion between 2017-2027.

Essentially what this means is that a lot of money is flowing back and forth between the United States and Canada, directly or indirectly tied to Oil & Gas production. The investment into people and equipment represents a significant portion of capital, predicted to be around $380 billion (between 2017-2027). Titan GPS has a multitude of tools that help you protect your investment and optimize your processes.

oil field eldELD EXEMPTIONS 

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) have been the topic of many a heated debate over the past couple years. With the U.S. mandate being rolled in on December 18th of last year, and the Canadian version being enacted in Q4 of 2019. Soon enough all truck in the U.S. and Canada will be running ELDs over paper logbooks. However, the rules and regulations that govern trucking and logistics aren’t necessarily the same ones that govern trucking related activities in the Oil & Gas industry.

Both Transport Canada and the FMCSA have granted Hours of Service regulatory exemptions regarding the Oil & Gas industry. In Canada, this exemption is under section 16. Of the Motor Vehicle Transport Act and in the U.S. the exemption is under section 390.3 and 395.1. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, these exemptions are designed to compensate for the remote nature of the oil & gas industry. In short, drivers can use “waiting time” as “off-duty time”. Additionally, they are entitled to a 24-hour restart cycle instead of the standard 36-hour restart cycle.

Many ELD providers have yet to implement these exemptions into their system, but Titan GPS ELD is preloaded with these exemptions, making compliance easy for those operating in the Oil & Gas industry.


For companies that have Oil & Gas operations in Western Canada. We have integrated Patchmaps into our GPS Fleet Tracking System. Patchmaps is the most comprehensive, continuously updated set of oilfield maps on the market.

  • Easily search by LSD, PNG, well sites, ¼ Sections & Facilities
  • LSD to LSD dispatch
  • Comprehensive mapping including Private Lease Roads

On top of these features, we’ve added a new Road/Bridge restriction overlay. With spring comes new challenges for drivers, road closures, construction, safety closures due to thawing snow and ice, All these unexpected closures can be costly, wasting plenty of time and money. With Titan GPS + PatchMaps, now fleet managers can visualize, plan and avoid road closures. Allowing you to avoid fines, plan efficient travel and quickly apply permits when necessary.


The reality of the Oil & Gas industry is that the work is harsh, and the environment unforgiving. Derricks and rigs are often located in remote areas that require significant determination and grit to access. This means that cellular coverage can be at best. This can cause problems for most GPS Fleet Tracking solutions, as the data drawn from the GPS devices is transmitted via the cellular network. That’s why we developed a unique solution; dual-mode GPS trackers. These devices use the cellular network when it is available, and when it is not they utilize the Iridium Satellite network so that fleet managers can receive data from their assets, even when they are in the most inaccessible and isolated locations



We’re committed to the Oil & Gas industry, whatever your problem we can get you the custom solution your fleet needs.

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