Digital Daily Equipment Inspections

No two fleets are alike! At Titan GPS, we're experts in mixed fleets. No matter how many different makes, models, or types of vehicles and equipment you use, we make sure you have all the insight you need to run smoothly.

Our diverse digital inspection tools ensure that you're covered - regardless of where you are or what you do.



Maintain Safety Compliance

Get a clear picture of equipment maintenance needs, and gain new efficiencies with Titan GPS’ Heavy Equipment Digital Inspections.

Replace daily inspection paperwork with digital files that are automatically uploaded right from an operator’s smartphone to the Titan GPS Logbooks dashboard for a consistently up-to-date record of equipment condition.

  • Increase safety and equipment condition
  • Attach photographs and supporting files for each asset
  • Ensure safety program compliance
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Customize for individual assets or fleet-wide standards
  • Pair with Heavy Equipment OEM Integration for a complete picture of your fleet’s status.


A Dynamic Solution to Asset Inspections

The configurable Titan GPS Digital Inspections feature goes far beyond just helping operators eliminate paperwork and easily file inspection forms right from any mobile device.

Designed with mixed fleets in mind, users can customize digital inspections to suit any asset, from tracked iron to snowplows to long-haul semis and everything in between.


Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting

Keep your vehicles in prime operating condition, get your drivers on the roads quicker, maintain better records, and ensure pre- and post- trip inspection compliance with integrated Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR).

Drivers complete daily pre-trip and post-trip inspection reports using our Titan GPS Electronic Logbooks app on any Smartphone or Tablet.

  • Create and submit vehicle inspection reports in seconds
  • Customize-able inspection forms
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Meets US and Canadian rules
  • Supports multiple trucks and trailers
  • iOS and Android Device Support

Streamline vehicle inspections and avoid costly violations.


A Better Way to Manage Your Snowplows

Titan GPS is the industry leader in snowplow fleet tracking and monitoring. Protect your assets and keep the roads safe for Canada’s drivers with digital vehicle inspection reports.

Snowplows are Canada’s first defense against poor winter road conditions. With winter weather changing at the drop of a hat, there’s no time for breakdowns or faulty plows – avoid downtime and ensure your assets are ready to go at all times.

  • Create custom reports to ensure every box is checked
  • Track upcoming maintenance requirements
  • Maintain accurate records of service
  • Attach photographs for visual evidence of wear and defects