fleet tracking for painters

360° View 

Engineered For Service – Ensure your assets are being utilized to their fullest potential and working as hard as possible. Easily track your entire fleet across town or around the world. Our web-based system allows you to monitor your fleet with ease in a 100% secure environment.

Set your map to road, satellite, terrain, or traffic view. Route your delivery vans to avoid costly traffic delays and integrate map overlays if required. Gain the instant and historical visibility needed to operate a profitable delivery fleet with Titan GPS.

Safe Drivers. Safe Reputation.

Get To Your Customers Quickly and Safely -Getting deliveries done quickly doesn’t mean getting them done unsafely. Aggressive driving practices exponentially increase the probability of collisions, which harm people, assets, and the reputation of your business. Aside from being generally wasteful. Make sure your drivers arrive on time, and in good condition.

Easily configure settings, enable multiple reports and receive real-time alerts via SMS or Email when policy violations occur. Enhance the safety and reputation of your business while reducing maintenance and fuel costs.

Extend Asset Life

Protect Your AssetsMaintenance scheduling is a key aspect of getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to your Delivery Vans. Over-use, under-use and lack of preventative maintenance can have extremely costly consequences. Avoid large repair bills by scheduling and performing regular maintenance. Automate fleet maintenance scheduling based on odometer reading, calendar, or engine hours.

Need multiple schedules for a single asset? No problem, create as many maintenance schedules as needed to ensure that your fleets maintenance history is spotless. Don’t overspend on unnecessary repairs and plan your maintenance.

Gain Valuable Insight

Improve Profitability – Titan GPS gives access to a wide variety of reports from Driver Scorecards to Fleet Summaries that will give you insights into where your service truck fleet excels and where it can be improved.

We’re dedicated to providing data that turns actionable insights into real-world money-saving results. Section fleets off by asset, brand, region and access KPI reporting that need to know people can use to boost the bottom line of your Florist business or floral delivery company.

Custom Solutions

The floral industry highly competitive, with many players in the game. We understand that you operate on thin margins and our solution is perfect for widening those margins and producing a truly profitable business. That’s why aside from our wide variety of devices and solutions from hardwired to self-powered and cellular to satellite, we are proud to offer custom solutions. Just get in touch by sending us a message or giving us a call and let us know what your organization wants to accomplish and we’ll find a way to get you there.



    Very robust tool that our operations use for a variety of functions: operations, dispatch, IFTA reporting, HOS auditing, and sales across our Canadian and US operations.

    James Q.

    HSE & Transp. Mgr.

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    We are looking forward to our continued growth as a National Account. From the product to the interface and the customer service provided is second to none.

    Tony F.

    Fleet Coordinator

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    They’re use of innovative technology and continued development has kept them on the cutting edge. This tool can have a profound impact on fleet management.

    Adam W.

    Fleet Manager

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