Critical to the health and safety of the people and infrastructure in their municipality, Emergency response departments are relied on to always be prepared.

With Titan GPS and Titan MuniCams, Emergency departments can access mission-critical data and resources to ensure a constant state of readiness.

MuniCAMS for Emergency

Maintain a direct connection to ground crews.

Efficiently and accurately provide real-time routing and dispatch to emergency response crews via mounted in-cab monitors directly connected to the MuniCAMS system.

Key Features

  • Compatible with local mapping, and capable of routing based on address, legal land description, lat/long, and more.
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Primary Benefits

  • Enables review of historical asset status and live monitoring of connected assets.
  • Integration with trusted Titan GPS partners enables MuniCAMS to meet communication, alarm, and other procedures recommended by legislation

GIS Overlays

Add your own maps to Titan GPS.

GIS overlays allow you to integrate and overlay custom web-based map layers, including local and infrastructure mapping data. Map overlay functionality gives you the ability to view fleet assets in conjunction with spatial information vital to your department.

Key Features

  • Multiple data formats
  • Export Hhstory to GIS
  • Simple integration

Primary Benefits

  • One system, all your data
  • See all GIS data points
  • Leverage Google Maps

Software Integrations

Expand the functionality of your telematics.

Your GPS fleet tracking data should complement existing enterprise software systems, not compete with them. Titan GPS has options for live and historical data integration for your enterprise software systems. Provide deeper business insights across your organization.

Key Features

  • Custom-tailored APIs available
  • Simple API integration
  • Seamless integration with ArcGIS, Ezri, and MuniSight software

Primary Benefits

  • Integrated reporting
  • Improved business intelligence
  • Easier, data-driven decisions

In-cab Video Camera Systems

Improve safety and accountability.

In-vehicle cameras visually record and capture critical driving events. Fleet operators spend enormous amounts of money on driver safety, only to find out at the scene of the accident, the driver was texting. Having the ability to ride along with your drivers can improve the overall safety of your fleet.

Key Features

  • Commercial ruggedized strength
  • Stand-alone and cloud-based capture
  • Forward and optional Driver-facing Ccmera

Primary Benefits

  • Secure tamper-proof protection
  • Manage critical events
  • Stay informed with live captured video

We Have You Covered!

Titan GPS has extensive experience working with urban and rural municipalities, counties, and districts. Request a quote today and work with an expert fleet consultant to find the perfect tracking and monitoring solution for your department’s unique fleet needs.