How GPS Is Fighting Toxic Soil Dumping

Soil pollution is caused by the presence of man-made chemicals or other alterations in the natural soil environment. Soil contamination is caused by industrial activity, improper disposal of waste, and certain agricultural chemicals. The most common chemicals involved with soil pollution are polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides, solvents, lead, and other heavy metals.

Unfortunately, companies often dump significant amounts of contaminated soil with no regard for the environment.

Across Canada, especially in Montreal, soil pollution remains a serious problem. In fact, every year, about two million metric tonnes of contaminated soil needs to be disposed of. There are all kinds of projects in the works that are attempting to fight back against toxic soil dumping — and GPS tracking solutions have gained a significant amount of momentum.

According to CBC News, the province and the City of Montreal are joining forces to try and fight back against illegal dumping of contaminated soil on otherwise healthy land.

As far as street pollution is concerned, Montreal uses GPS fleet tracking systems to improve their vehicle’s efficiency. Montreal uses 172 vehicles to clear roadways and an additional 188 to clear sidewalks.

When it comes to contaminated soil, however, GPS tracking solutions are playing a part in actually locating where toxic soil is — and isn’t — being dumped.

“It’s a constant battle,” said Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante. “The city and all municipalities have to be very vigilant about any types of possible corruption. What we are talking about today supports a solution, but again, we always have to be proactive.”

This new GPS tracking solutions project is called Traces Quebec and will require participating organizations to register for a web platform, which can track — in real time — where contaminated soil is being transported. From the moment soil leaves a polluted site to the second, it’s disposed of, Traces Quebec will monitor, track, and record everything.

Montreal states that this is a crucial first step for combating Canadian and global pollution.

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