In-Field App – Upcoming Modules

Titan GPS is constantly working to improve our products and services.

Keep an eye out for these powerful new features planned for the Titan GPS In-field App!

Coming Soon!

The versatile Titan GPS In-field App is improving! In addition to the variety of custom digital forms available now, more modules are in the works to continue to improve Titan GPS’ powerful solution for in-field operations. Explore the upcoming features planned to help field personnel perform at a whole new level.

Customized Workflow

Customized workflow within the Titan GPS In-field app gives administrators the ability to define process and workflows. By applying conditional logic steps to the different app modules, the In-field App can determine what action(s) to take based on a user’s input. Establish workflows such as sending alerts based on incident reporting, creating work orders based on pre-trip inspections, updating dispatches based on digital load tracking, and more.

Mobile (Personnel) Tracking

Add accountability, safety, and efficiency with mobile personnel tracking. Accurately track field service worker location by phone without the need to rely on vehicle-installed GPS systems.
  • Integration with the Titan GPS dashboard
  • Gain total visibility into field operations
  • Manage personnel from virtually anywhere

Time Tracking

Ensure accurate employee and sub-contractor timecards and daily tickets with digital time keeping. Effectively track the working hours of onsite crews to minimize daily paperwork and eliminate potential overpays.
  • Added security with picture identification
  • Integrate with payroll and HR software
  • Keep project budgets on track

Pre/Post-Trip Inspections

Configurable pre- and post-trip inspections (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports [DVIR]) help fleets ensure legal requirements are met, while making it easier to maintain better records, get drivers on the roads quicker, and ensure fleet vehicles are in smooth operating condition.
  • Ensure safety with mechanic sign-off
  • Integrate with internal work order systems
  • Easily schedule repairs and maintenance

In-app Messaging

Keep lines of communication open with In-app two-way Messaging. App-based messaging enables real-time communication with peers, supervisors, and groups without the need for phone lists or distance-limited radio communication.
  • Provide real-time updates to in-field personnel
  • Centralize internal communications
  • Utilize group and/or 1-to-1 conversations

Digital Load Tracking

Digitally track load details, including pick-up and drop-off location, unit numbers, material types, weights, and dimensions, and any other relevant information.
  • Keep track of any relevant documentation
  • Monitor load information in real-time
  • Reduce administrative burden

Road Inspection

Identify and tag problem areas for repair or maintenance with Road Inspection. Users can flag areas requiring attention, such as potholes, washouts, uneven sidewalks, damaged signage, fading/missing paint, or any other problem area.
  • Attach photos of identified issues
  • Geo-tag problem areas for better planning
  • Integrate task management programs

Routing & Dispatching

Eliminate mis-understood, mis-read, or altogether missing directions with optimized routing to field workers any time. Send field crews directions to jobs and locations with optimal routing for more accurate service timelines and higher overall efficiencies.
  • Send the most efficient real-time directions
  • Reduce the need for check-ins and updates
  • Provide more accurate timelines