Digitize Your In-Field Operations

The Titan GPS In-Field App is a mobile operations tool designed to reduce administrative burden, centralize important documents, optimize field operations, and minimize paperwork. 

With individual 'modules' designed to fit a wide variety of purposes and applications, users can configure the new in-field app to suit the needs of their specific business operations. 

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Document Manager

Centralize and manage documents in a single, offline digital catalogue with the Document Manager module. Provide mobile access to any important paperwork, such as safety documents, operator’s manuals, tickets & certifications, asset registrations & proof of insurance, MSDS, WCB documents, OH&S manuals, and more!

Save on printing, photocopying, and binders, and eliminate the risk of lost or ruined documents by providing field crews with instant on- and offline access to whatever paperwork they may need. Instant sharing and distribution saves time, energy, and hassle!

  • Provide a central source for documents
  • Eliminate the need for hard-copy paperwork
  • Maintain compliance with safety standards


Hazard Assessments

Paper-free Hazard Assessment forms with digital signatures allow field crews to easily assess any identified potential hazards according to job, task, or location. Hazard ID or Assessment forms can be custom-built to fit the needs of any field, shop, or office setting.

Instant sharing enables simple distribution to administrators, contractors, supervisors, or anyone involved in project work or safety programs. 

  • Attach photos for visual documentation of assessed hazards
  • Configurable digital signature pages ensure space for entire crew sign-off
  • Document hazard controls and corrective actions in place


Incident Reporting

Real-time incident reporting provides users the ability to create, fill out, and share detailed incident reports with the necessary personnel. Configurable fields enable users to determine what information is relevant in the event of an incident, and customize form fields accordingly.

Automatic notifications alert required stakeholders to an incident, providing them an instant snapshot of event, location, severity, and actions taken.  

  • Photo attachment option for simplified, detailed incident investigations.
  • Share location, description, severity, and other important information
  • Document incident details with fill-able fields and photos


Toolbox Meetings

Digital toolbox (pre-job safety) meeting templates give meeting attendees a custom form that can be configured to tick all the boxes required by company standards for daily (or weekly) meetings.

Address safety hazards, job expectations, task delegation, location-specific topics, and more right in the field, from any mobile device. 

  • Eliminates the need to translate messy handwriting
  • Attendees can digitally sign-off, saving space and eliminating paperwork
  • Reduce stacks of paperwork and ensure meetings are being completed as necessary


Custom Digital Forms

Take field operations paperless with digital forms that fit the specific needs of individual projects, company standards, asset-specific requirements, or any other application.  

Ease administrative burden and cut down on manual paperwork with custom, totally configurable digital forms. Users easily create, complete, and share forms for virtually any fieldwork application.

  • Create form templates for virtually any application
  • Digitally share and submit completed forms from anywhere
  • Customize fields to ensure nothing is missed

Additional App Features Coming Soon!

Titan GPS is constantly innovating and improving! Updates and additional features are planned for release on the Titan GPS In-field App all throughout 2020.

Learn more about the upcoming modules!

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The Titan GPS In-field App is a subscription-based service available to all Titan GPS customers.

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