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In every circumstance attempt to complete each field including the prospects email address. The email address is key to pushing the lead directly into HubSpot. (Please use the second for ONLY in case the lead strictly doesn't want to share email address.)

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10 Steps to Remarkable Customer Service

It goes without saying that stellar customer service can make all the difference in ensuring our business is successful. It isn’t enough to offer an invaluable service or great products. Your customer service has to be right up there at the top of the list.

  • 1. Communicate and listen
  • 2. Make it personal
  • 3. Anticipate what your customer needs
  • 4. Know when to admit you are unsure
  • 5. The customer is most always right
  • 6. If there’s a problem, fix it
  • 7. Under promise, Over deliver
  • 8. Keep an eye on your brand online
  • 9. Never talk down to your customer
  • 10.Use words your customer wants to hear