• fleet tracking NEAREST ASSET FEATURE


As Fleet Managers, what do you do if there is a last minute call? A breakdown? Who should you send? Make the decision easier by using the Nearest Asset feature. Determine the nearest vehicle or asset equipped with a fleet tracker, the quickest route, and the estimated time of arrival.

Key Features

  • Calculates the 5 nearest vehicles, and plots the quickest route according to Google Maps
  • An exclusion radius allows you to select any vehicle with a fleet tracker, even ones that are further away, knowing that anyone close may already be busy or otherwise engaged
  • Can be selected on map or by vehicle as needed

Primary Benefits

  • Know who to send in a particular scenario
  • Give the customer/site an approximate ETA – setting reasonable expectations
  • Know who is closest and who is currently already on the move
  • Know how far away your team is from a particular site