GPS Fleet Management Landmarks

  • GPS Fleet Management Landmarks

  • GPS Fleet Management Landmarks


Quickly determine whether an asset is where it should be. Using the Last Reported GPS by Landmark, you get the most up-to-date GPS position for every device and breaks that information down by landmark. This means you can narrow down devices by area, making it easy to ignore devices that are not designated to a specific landmark.

Key Features

  • Latest location for all vehicles in a single report
  • Listing of last time each device has reported in
  • Colour coded recency chart of last reported

Primary Benefits

  • Know if a vehicle is in the area it has been assigned
  • Quickly see how up-to-date your reporting information is
  • Single out vehicles that are reporting from unknown areas
  • Send via report subscription to division supervisors, making it easier for them to understand the fleet’s location