Send Directions with GPS Tracking

  • DIRECTIONS MAP Fleet Management

  • DIRECTIONS MAP Fleet Management


If you’re a fleet manager and are sending drivers to new customer locations or just want to ensure employees are using the most efficient route, the Titan GPS Directions feature takes out the guesswork! The Directions tab calculates the best route for your fleet using GPS tracking and lets you send it immediately to any smartphone or email address. When opened in Google Maps it automatically provides turn-by-turn instructions to the destination.

Key Features

  • Calculates the most efficient route (with up to 2 alternate routes)
  • Best route between two points, or any two assets in your Titan fleet
  • Provides the best route using the leader in mapping software, Google
  • Can be used with the Traffic or PatchMaps overlay
  • Send directly to any email address
  • Optimizes fleet management tracking

Primary Benefits

  • Efficiently route your fleet drivers
  • Spend less time calling to give verbal directions or instructions
  • Take the guesswork out of dispatch with easy to understand turn-by-turn instructions

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