RD Scan Inc. Case Study


RD Scan Inc. is an innovative oilfield service company that provides the oil patch’s fastest, safest, and most accurate on-site oilfield tubular scanning. The strength of the company comes from their uncompromised service delivered by trained, dedicated, veteran operators utilizing a fleet of fully self-contained mobile scanning units.


As an innovative company RD Scan continually seeks new ways to help its clients manage wells more effectively and efficiently. To help in this pursuit they continually look internally to run their own business more effectively and efficiently. The management team had been interested in the potential of outfitting their fleet with a GPS tracking system. Their regional fleet is operated by lone drivers who can be on the road for up to ten days at a time. Much of their territory is serviced by remote and severe terrain. There’s always a danger of breakdowns that could leave drivers stranded. Fleet vehicles were operated under a strict no personal use policy but the company had few ways of enforcing this policy or assessing the manner in which they were driven.


With the help of the Operations Supervisor, who had previous experience with GPS tracking, the RD Scan team selected Titan GPS for their fleet tracking system. The Certified Tracking Solutions team quickly worked to implement Titan GPS for their mobile scan fleet with easy to implement and manage Titan Plug n Play GPS units.


Live tracking has helped RD Scan provide assurance of driver’s safety in remote locations and help hold the mobile scan team accountable. Their first priority was to reduce travel speeds on rough roads that were creating costly service issues with trucks. They determined there were some roads where 60 km/h should be the maximum speed. Many of these roads were marked using the Titan landmark tool and maximum speeds assigned. Now RD Scan receives reporting indicating exceeded trip speeds on these roads. They anticipate significant savings by avoiding unnecessary service and extending the life of vehicle assets. They are also using the system to verify timesheets and monitor off hours movement to comply with their personal use policy. In one instance Titan GPS data was used to investigate an accident with one of its trucks. It was determined the driver had braked hard at an intersection and then accelerated excessively subsequently running through a fence.

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Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


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Thousands of vehicles tracked by Titan GPS


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