Safety First! How GPS Fleet Tracking can Protect Your Team


If you manage a fleet of trucks, chances are, you already know how vehicle GPS tracking can help improve your company’s efficiency. By tracking idling times, driver location, and average speed, a fleet managed with GPS technology is a fleet that doesn’t waste time, fuel, or money.

However, these benefits aren’t the only perks of utilizing GPS fleet management; tracking metrics can also keep your team members safe. Here’s how:

GPS Systems Ensure Your Drivers are Getting Enough Sleep

With previous methods, it was fairly easy for drivers to not be entirely truthful about how much sleep they were getting between shifts. Some drivers would be tempted to cut back on sleep to make up for lost driving time or to take on more loads. With ELD’s and GPS tracking, managers can ensure that fleet vehicles are not in motion during off-shift hours. This helps reduce the temptation for drivers to cover additional miles off the clock, and encourages a healthy and safe amount of sleep to avoid drowsy driving.

GPS Trackers Can Monitor Unsafe Driving Behaviors

Many GPS tracking solutions offer unique safety monitoring features that allow managers to hold drivers to safety standards. For example, an advanced GPS tracking system can track a driver’s speed and indicate whether the driver was going over the legal limit. Using advanced monitoring can help drivers be more aware of their own unsafe behavior, and help managers oversee and curtail bad habits. Not only does this keep drivers safe, but it can lower expenses associated with tickets, accidents, and even lower your company’s insurance rates.

GPS Fleet Tracking can Help Drivers Avoid Dangers

GPS tracking can help drivers with trip directions to help them navigate the safest routes and alert them to unexpected traffic jams or unusual terrain. The driver’s management team and colleagues can monitor the driver enroute remotely through the GPS tracking system, ensuring the vehicle is maintaining it’s course, hitting checkpoints and allowing the team to breathe easier knowing that their drivers are never out of touch in dangerous road conditions.

GPS tracking systems have been around for awhile, but the technology has improved drastically over the decade, especially in the area of safety. Like any industry, safety in transportation is the number one priority. Use vehicle tracking to keep your company running smoothly, and most importantly, to keep your people safe.