Track Drivers, Not Just Vehicles


Driver ID and GPS Tracking

You may know where your trucks and equipment are and how they are driven, but do you know who’s behind the wheel?


The Titan GPS Driver ID system offers additional insight into the behavior and whereabouts of your drivers. It identifies the driver of each vehicle, so you get reporting by driver as well as by vehicle. This is particularly useful for any business that operates pooled vehicles or equipment, where drivers or operators may not use the same asset each day.

Key Features
  • Minimal hardware and administration
  • Detailed and Summary reporting by driver or vehicle
  • Aggregate driving behavior across every vehicle driven during the day
  • Historical events are name tagged, so you never have to wonder who was behind the wheel


Driver ID is an optional add-on to the Titan GPS tracking system. The Driver ID key fob monitoring system is easy to install and easy to use. The reader is installed in each vehicle or piece of equipment combined with your GPS tracking device. Each driver or operator gets a unique, coded key that must be touched to the key reader when turning on the ignition. An audible alarm will sound until the driver “checks-in” by touching FOB to the reader. When the driver has been logged into the system, you can get reports based on a particular driver, and not just the vehicle. If the driver changes vehicles or equipment during the day, the system aggregates driver-tracking information to give you a comprehensive view of the driver’s behavior.

How Driver ID and Personal Trip Logging Works


  • Identify the driver or operator of each vehicle or piece of equipment
  • Get reporting by driver/operator as well as by vehicle/equipment
  • Supplement your timesheet reporting
  • Increase accountability


Some fleet businesses bolster the Titan GPS Driver ID system to attribute personal use from business travel easily. Doing so allows these progressive fleet operators to reduce administrative tasks tied to taxable benefit reporting while improving accuracy and compliance.


Driver ID is an effective tool for helping to manage employee and fleet productivity. Accountability increases as drivers become more responsible for their driving actions and behaviors, including speeding, idling, accidents, traffic violations and aggressive driving.