Update on Third-party ELD Certification in Canada

Details are finally starting to trickle in about the third-party certification process for Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) in Canada.

As one of the more significant differences between the United States’ and Canada’s ELD mandates – U.S. ELD providers can self-certify their systems with the FMCSA, whereas Canadian providers will need certification from an independent third party – Canadian fleet operators and commercial vehicle drivers have been waiting to learn what their options will be for fully-compliant ELD solutions prior to the mandate taking effect in June of 2021.

Earlier this month, Transport Canada provided some clarity about the much-speculated third-party certification process. The announcement by Transport Canada confirmed that it has partnered with Standards Council of Canada to “develop and implement the accreditation scheme for electronic logging device certification bodies.”

What Comes Next?

Essentially, what this means is that the final framework is nearly in place for third parties to begin applying for the accreditation that will allow them to certify ELD solutions from providers such as Titan GPS.

Once third parties are accredited, companies that develop ELD solutions will be able to use a public registry to find a certification body and submit their ELD hardware, software, and mobile applications for testing.

Transport Canada’s announcement notes that applications are anticipated to open sometime in March 2020, paving the way to Canadian ELD certification, and giving fleet operators and drivers the chance to start considering their options for compliant solutions.

ELD Mandate Compliance with Titan GPS

Titan GPS has been closely following the development and implementation of both the Canadian and U.S. ELD mandates for several years, in order to stay up-to-date and informed about required technical specifications, important milestones, certification processes, and changes to Hours of Service rules.

The fleet management experts at Titan GPS are prepared to answer any and all questions about the upcoming ELD mandate, device specifications, and what it all means for your fleet. Behind the scenes, Titan GPS has been continuously updating, innovating, and improving our offerings for ELDs and GPS fleet tracking and management alike, in an effort to provide customers with the most powerful, fully-compliant solutions available in North America.

Once everything is in place and ELD certifications start being handed down, Transport Canada will maintain an updated List of Certified Electronic Logging Devices to provide fleet operators and commercial motor vehicle owners with a central resource for finding compliant solutions.

Titan GPS will gain ELD certification as early as possible to provide fleet operators with a certified and compliant ELD solution across all of North America. Request a quote today and our fleet experts will put together a custom solution fit for your unique fleet.